Travis Conneeley

An experienced Creative with a passion for connecting brands, products & content to audiences.

Currently helping for brands, projects, products, events & more. Producing events & experiences of it. Also available as a freelance Director, Creative Director, or Brand Strategy Consultant.

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Born in Sydney, Australia, I spent my first 20 adult years tampering with many of Australia’s much-loved entertainment brands, while producing experiential events on the side for the love of it.

This allowed me to indulge in a wide array of crafts; creating & directing campaigns, editing, art directing, designing, copywriting & more; while also satisfying my passion for problem solving through senior broadcast & marketing roles, building & leading creative teams, simplifying workflows, developing brand & marketing strategies and producing large scale re-brands, campaigns and events.

I recently took the opportunity to fly the corporate nest to promiscuously offer my wide array of crafts to even more people, more intimately, all while pursuing a few passion projects in my trackies.


Humbly, for those who like things shiny... here are some of the 70+ local and international awards won either directly, or alongside my teams over the years.

World PromaxBDA Award Trophies


World PromaxBDA Awards

New York Festivals Award Trophy


New York Festivals Awards

ANZ PromaxBDA Award Trophies


A&NZ PromaxBDA Awards

Astra Award Trophy


Astra Awards

Sydney Design Awards 2014 Trophy


Sydney Design Award

Huge credit to the leaders & mentors who let me run amok with so many ideas, and to all those super talented people who’ve helped me bring them to life along the way.

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